The spa will open at 10:00am. There will be 30 minutes between each appointment to avoid contact with other clients and to allow time to thoroughly clean the treatment rooms and common area before the next appointment.

When entering the spa lobby, please remove your shoes and place them in the shoe rack by the front door. Use either the reusable spa slippers or your own socks if you prefer. Your Esthetician or Massage Therapist will help you disinfect your whole body before entering the treatment rooms.

After completion of the service, the bedding will be replaced and treatment room will be thoroughly disinfected with alcohol and ultraviolet light prior to the arrival of the next guest. In addition, an air filtration and purification system has been installed to insure the air in the spa is as purified as possible.

We are doing our best to create a clean and comfortable environment for you. If you have any questions or comments, please call (858) 525-5144.